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Letter from Don Garlits

Vance Wuebben - Dollar Bay, MI

To Whom This May Concern:
I am writing to you because I am pleased with your exhaust systems. MagnaFlow has the greatest, most unique sound. It is around the same price as any other leading brand of exhaust but is way better. I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse with MagnaFlow. I like the blow-off noise once I reach about five and a half thousand RPM's. No other exhaust sounds like that. Almost all of my friends want to get it now for their cars. I think that your company is the greatest.
Your exhaust must be made of a special kind of steel that does not rust very easily. I have had other exhaust systems on other cars and they have rusted within a year. There are no rattles or noises that are supposed to be there. Many other systems have a certain range where they sound the greatest but MagnaFlow sounds great all the way through the power band. It has a clean, deep-throated roar to it.

Another Satisfied Customer
You know it is my car as soon as you hear it. Thanks MagnaFlow. I installed your system and what a a sound. The throaty pounding and drumming beat are part of me and my car. It is all about thunder, roar and rumble. magnaflow exhaust is the right balance of tone, pitch and beat. The sound resembles a classic tone of legendary muscle car performance. In conclusion, it sound and looks good. thanks magnaflow.

Steve - North Vancouver, Canada
All I can say is WOW! I never expected the tone to be so deep. I purchased the 5x8 w/ dual 3 bent tips and not only am I impressed with the sound, but the look is amazing. My friend recommended Magnaflow to me, so I read the customer reviews and decided that I would at least give it a shot. With an intake my car sounds like a V8 at lower RPM and never high pitched all the way to redline. Ill recommend Magnaflow to anyone of my friends without hesitation.

David Lord - Lords Perf. Exh. Systems Buford, Ga
I am David Lord, Lord's Perf. Exh. in Buford, Ga. I have been in the custom exhaust business for 23 yrs and have worked on everything from A-models to new Cadillac Escalades and have found nothing to look or perform better than MagnaFlow mufflers and accessories. I use them exclusively in my all stainless show systems and all high performance applications. We offer F--------- mufflers but rarely have a call for them anymore because of the noise problem and they do not flow as good as the MagnaFlow does. Thanks for building a superior product and for supporting us installers and fabricators and not selling out to the mail-order houses like so many other company's have done. Thanks again.

Joe - Richmond, VA
I went searching all around for performance dual exhaust for my car. And after my mind was set on D.....x or F.......r, My friends dad (who is a mechanic) mentioned MagnaFlow. After he told me about the sound and performance i was almost convinced to get it, until i finally called my local muffler shop and that's what they recommended and they had a lot of reasons. After starting the car with the Magnaflow exhaust my heart melted. I love the deep, throaty sound of the rumbling exhaust and so does my high school. I highly recommend Magnaflow to everyone who wants performance and sound.

Ty Menna - Arkansas
I just want to thank you for providing me with an outstanding product. I recently ordered a MagnaFlow Cat-Back system and had it intalled by a local muffler shop. I am impressed with the workmanship, design, and fitment of your product....and it sounds GREAT. Thanks! Mario did not go wrong by endorsing your product!

Rene LeBlanc
I truly appreciate the excellent service that your company have offered. This is like icing on the cake with such excellent products. The cat-back exhaust system is second to none. Several of my friends have recently installed your systems on their vehicles because of the performance, sound, and customer service that I had. Thank you.

St.George Muffler and Radiator
We have been installing Magnaflow mufflers and Carsound catalytic converters for years. We must say, we have never been so satified with this product. At our shop we sell Magnaflows 10 to 1 over any other performance mufflers that we carry. The sound quality and the lifetime warranty are unsurpassed. These products literally sell themselves. Thank you for the fine quality products that you provide.

Domenic Passero, Toronto Canada
Sounds louder then I expected. But the extra power is really nice!! Thanks again!! VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!VROOOOOOOMMM

I had the competions so called best and found out too much interior cab noise at medium speeds. I installed your product on my new truck and it is by far the best. The interior cab noise is just right while, also increasing hp performance. Thanks again and I recommend this product to everyone.

Michael Barber - St. Louis, Missouri
I just wanted to let the people at MagnaFlow know that they make a great muffler! Not only did i get great sound, but it gave my little car a nice horsepower boost! I get compliments everyday about how great it looks and how deep and smooth the sound is. I've been getting so many compliments, and recommending it so much. Thank You, MagnaFlow!

Justin - Joliet, Il.
THANKYOU MAGNAFLOW!!! I had my mind on 2 mufflers, f........r or magnaflow and the exhaust shop told me that magnaflow would perform and sound better and they were right. Not only did i get the sound that i wanted out of it, but i also picked up some horse! It sounds great, my friends love it, but not as much as my block when i come home late at night and wake them up. I am now going to buy a magnaflow high-flow cat. Thanks guys.

Thank You, Thank You, for making such a great muffler. I had never heard of MagnaFlow before, a friend gave me the muffler, and I had it installed. The muffler expert told me it wouldn't be very loud, I was let down. I told him to install it anyway, and it turned out I liked it. I was looking for something with alittle noise, but not too annoying loud. I have had my MagnaFlow for about 6 months now, and it seems to get louder. The MagnaFlow was exactly what I was looking for. It sounds so damn good, I've gotten countless compliments on it. The other competitors are left in the dust, their mufflers are loud and annoying. I don't know how you got the perfectly deep, throaty, mellow sound, but I LOVE IT. And lets not forget the awesome horsepower, it's everything you guys said it was and more. Two of my close friends heard my truck, and ran down to put MagnaFlows on theirs. Thank You so much, keep up the good work, I love you guys.

Cory Seymour, Milledgeville, GA
All I really have to say is customer service and workmanship. I recently purchased magnaflow muffler. I inspected it and it was flawless. Not even a scratch. Very heavey duty as well. It is great to see that you can get quality workman-ship that is made in the UNITED STATES. It sounds great. I get so many compliments on it. I needed an extra sticker to put on my car, I sent them a e-mail telling that I needed one and I received it three days later. Not one but two stickers and I told them all I needed was one! This is definitely a GREAT company and I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a performance muffler. Keep up the good work guys!

Paul Pink, Thousand Oaks, California
I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a superb exhaust system! I can now listen to Sinatra in peace and not think I'm listening to Louis Armstrong like the other systems. Now that's, SHOOGY DOOGY!!!

Finishline Radiator / Exhaust & A/C
We our in the exhaust business, specializing in custom and high performacne sys. We highly recommend MagnaFlow for top satisfaction. MagnaFlow has brought us nothing but satisfied customers!!!!! Thank, you, Finishline Radiator / Exhaust & A/C

Satisfied Customer, Memphis, TN
I bought a MagnaFlow muffler today with dual outlets, and absolutely could not love it more. I got it installed at Advance Muffler here in Memphis, TN. The staff there got it installed quickly, and had me rolling in minutes. I now drive with my windows down and radio off so I can listen to the sweet, sweet sound of your product. Excellent. Thank you for making such a wonderful muffler.

Duane Fairbanks, Killeen, TX
The muffler shop I visited was strait up when I asked for a better muffler. He said I could sell you three high performance systems and if it were his money, he'd buy the MagnaFlow. So, I did. And the first minute I started the car I was a believer. I don't think you should call your product "mufflers". Let's call it a "engine enhancer" or something. Thanks guys.

Satisfied Customer
I would just like you to know that I am very pleased with your product. I recently had a MagnaFlow exhaust system installed by West Coast Mufflers in Ukiah, CA. Prior to speaking with the sales representative I was planning on having a F........r system installed. The salesperson convinced me that the MagnaFlow system would be better for both sound and performance. He was right! I am now one very satisfied customer. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Hi, after months of trying to decide what muffler to get I took the advice of Joe at Joe's Muffler in Santa Clara, CA. and went with the MaganFlow. It sounds SWEET! I kept the stock tail pipe (and resonator), but had a new tip installed. It's really quiet inside the cabin and sounds awesome outside. The best of both worlds!
Thanks Joe and MagnaFlow!

Tony Liston
This is my third vehicle that I've had installed the magnaflow muffler on. The sound , performance and warrenty are outstanding. Keep up the great work!

Satisfied Customer
MagnaFlow Race Series
It sounds really nice and I feel that I have more power under hard acceleration. Before, I was shifting at 6500 rpm cuz thats my peak power, but with the cross flow straight pipe, I am able to stay in 3rd up to 7000 rpm before shifting into 4th on the back straight. Once I put it in 4th, the car just leaps forward which is very nice. I think the pipe added that power.

Satisfied Customer
I am very happy with the boost in performance and power. I love the rumble and the smooth tone at cruise speed or idle.

Ron Mier
Providing a quality product
You should be pleased to know that I am pleasantly pleased with MagnaFlow on my truck. :-) I was just as equally impressed with the "convincing sales presentation" from the owner of Advanced Muffler in Vacaville, California. I was going to have a competitive product installed, but after talking to the salesman, I selected MagnaFlow.
Thank you for providing a quality product - and a sales person who knows what he is talking about in complimenting your product.

Justin David, Tucson AZ
Satisfied Customer
I would just like to tell you guys that I love your product and the sound is awesome. keep up the good work!

Tom Swope (owner)
Just a note from Accurate Muffler LTD
We have been using MagnaFlows for a few years now without a single complaint or comeback. Our vintage car customers want the tone and power the mufflers offer with the lifetime warranty. Also being available only thru proffessional installer dealers insures the proper product for the specific application. Quite the contrary with some of the other guys that want to flood the market with their products showing loyalty to no one except to themselves. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

John Cummins, Kearney Automotive, Kearney Racing.
Street and Racing
Part of our line here at Kearney Automotive is the MagnaFlow line both for street and racing purposes. We field a four car racing team and are converting over to MagnaFlow mufflers to meet the strict DB levels set for 1999 - 103db, it is currently 105db. Our initial tests have been most promising. Since we also supply hard parts to the racing community we feel that MagnaFlow products will be an asset to our business. MagnaFlow News

Conrad, Morton Grove
Great product. I use it on both of my cars and I love it. I have tried other mufflers in the past and they dont compare to the Magnaflow. Keep up the great work..

Michael Kearns
Straight Through Design
Excellent product and a great web site. I had heard much about the venturi effect of race chamber type F--------r but it is hard to not see the advantage of a true straight through design. You can look through your muffler. A clear line of sight is easy to understand. Little or no muffler induced backpressure is the logical result. I was also impressed with the quality of workmanship evident in your muffler, the overall fit and finish of the welding, component assembly etc. It is also nice to see that your product is built in the United States. Keep up the good work.

Eric Sarabia, San Diego, CA
MagnaFlows Lifetime Warranty
I think the MagnaFlow Mufflers are the best. I've gone through at least three performance mufflers and none of them can compare to the MagnaFlow Muffler. It's lifetime warranty led me to buy it in the first place.

Jeff Miller, Exhaust Warehouse, Cocoa, FL
Tremendous Success
Hats off to the crew at MagnaFlow for a great product. We're having tremendous success with the MagnaFlow line here in Florida.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this page.

Please send us your questions or comments (good or bad) to HERE
regarding any of the MagnaFlow products. Thank you.



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